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IP Litigation

Rivenoak Law litigates intellectual property disputes including patent, trademark, copyright, unfair competition, trade secret, domain name, cybersquatting, and technology-related actions.  Equally experienced in plaintiff-side and defense litigation, we draw upon our collective and diverse experiences when counseling clients on potential outcomes, reasoned settlement options, and calculated litigation strategies.

When the scope of enforcement extends beyond U.S. borders, we manage international litigation and dispute resolution through our worldwide network of foreign associates.  Our attorneys have attained successful outcomes in infringement actions in jurisdictions such as Hong Kong, China, Brazil, Chile, and Portugal.


Trademark and Branding

Our team develops brand protection strategies that balance each client’s business priorities with its budget realities.  We assist clients with trademark selection and clearance, obtain domain names, and register social media usernames.  We prepare and file applications for trademark registration in the United States and around the world through our network of foreign associates, as well as maintain existing registration portfolios worldwide.  Our attorneys leverage their background in litigation to develop a focused plan at the outset, with an eye to maximizing enforceability.


Copyright and Advertising

Rivenoak Law advises clients on the constantly changing landscape of advertising, marketing, internet, and copyright issues.  Clients seek our help with regulatory compliance matters, truth-in-advertising and claim-substantiation disputes, and in reviewing website and advertising copy and packaging. We prepare and file applications for federal copyright registration, send and respond to cease-and-desist letters, and advise on fair use issues.


Industrial Design Protection

Our attorneys work with clients to protect and enforce intellectual property rights in new and innovative product designs and packaging. We prepare and file applications for design patents, applications for federal trademark registration, and applications for federal copyright registration in the U.S. and around the world through our network of foreign associates.


Licensing and Agreements

Rivenoak Law negotiates and drafts licenses and agreements that maximize the value of our clients’ intellectual property assets. We advise clients on establishing and maintaining rights in their intellectual property by analyzing and negotiating a wide range of agreements, from non-disclosure and joint development agreements, to technology transfer and acquisition/divestiture agreements. We also support mergers and acquisitions by performing intellectual property due diligence.


Fine Art, Film, and Theater

With an award-winning professional artist on our team, Rivenoak Law is in a unique position to advise clients on protecting and enforcing rights in artistic works. The scope of our practice permits us to tailor our approach for each client, from non-profit institutions to individuals and corporations.  We provide a full range of services, such as filing copyright, design patent, and trademark applications, negotiating licenses and agreements, drafting name-and-likeness releases, reviewing publication contracts, and resolving disputes over ownership or unauthorized use.


Local Counsel

With over twenty years of combined litigation experience, the attorneys at Rivenoak Law advise law firms from across the country on pending litigation in Michigan. In addition to our state court trial experience, our team includes multiple former federal law clerks and a former federal administrative law judge. We customize our role and involvement in each case, from serving as lead counsel to supportive team player.



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